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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Took a 4 day vacation at home!

With yesterday being Veterans Day I took the opportunity to switch a regular Friday off with Monday and turned the weekend into 4 days off. And since we had some time off, we decided to take a little vacation.

We talked about going to Vegas.

But the BSU got cold feet so we decided to stay at home and still vacation a little bit. Friday night we had a great dinner at Jeremiahs which is a nice, casual restaurant with really terrific food. We've been there a few times but not in a couple years, so it was a dandy treat and a great meal. The service was friendly and polite and the food came out of the kitchen fast! After dinner we saw Madagascar- Escape to Africa and got to catch up with our animated friends, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman along with the bizarre penguins and King Julian the Lemur king. The story's funny and silly and since the critters were originally from Africa before living most of their lives in the New York Zoo, they find friends and family they didn't know existed in Africa. It's a hoot, so go see it!

Saturday and Sunday were pretty well filled up with chores and preparation for winter. I fixed the floodlight on my shop front- again, fixed a leaky gutter and drained the secondary water system so hopefully I won't have any freeze problems next spring. Saturday night we go to a Grizzlies hockey game and the BSU invited along the eldest boy and he brought his latest girlfriend, so we all had a good time. The game was wild and the Grizzlies might have won except that they really didn'y get warmed up and playing for the first 10 minutes of the game while the Ontario Reign got 2 goals on the scoreboard. Our team lost, 6-5 but it was a terrific fight with some great skating and hockey in between.

Monday we did something fun and entirely different, we went to see Body Worlds in Salt Lake. This traveling exhibit has been selling out in Salt Lake for a couple months now and everyone is talking about it, so Monday seemed like a good time to see it. Body Worlds is a display of human bodies, preserved in a unique fashion and then displayed in an artistic and educational manner that is really something to see. There are displays of every portion of the body's systems on display, right down to the complete nerve system or every capilary, artery and vein, in place on a skeleton. There are comparison displays of healthy and damaged lungs, cross sections of complete torsos so that you can see where everything fits inside your body and more. But the big draws are the entire bodies on display with their muscles, organs, ligaments and brains on display. The bodies are freaky at first but have a bizarre beaauty too and as you look at them and remember that these displays were people that donated their bodies for this purpose, it becomes a respectful view too.

Body Worlds is an educational and artistic display and if you get a chance, I really recommend that you go see it.

Most of Monday was more chores around the yard and I finally got the scooters moved around and tucked in. Sleek Black Beauty is in the shop and sitting on a dolly so that I can move it around as I need to and the Phantom is under the Bike Barn, under the carport. And last, we went to see another movie, Soul Men. It's a funny story, starring Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac as 2 retired and down on their luck back up singers, making their way to the memorial service for the recently deceased front man from 30 years ago. There's bad blood, and a road trip in a Caddy Eldorado convertible named the Muthaship and a jail break as they travel to New York City and the famed Apollo Theater. Its a pretty funny movie but it earns it's R rating with language so if you don't like to hear course language and lots of it, this won't be your movie. Its also the last work accomplished by both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hays before they passed away so it is a tribute to them both.

And this morning? I had to get out of bed and go back to work! It sure was good to have 4 days off though.

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